Illnesses such as cancer or accidents can leave physical marks that may seriously affect patients’ everyday lives. If this is your case, restorative surgery can help you to recover your appearance. Dr Jose Luis Martínez Rivas and his team will evaluate your case and advise you on the best treatment for you.
Cirurgia reparadora mamària i general
Restorative Surgery of the Breasts and Other Areas

One of the most common procedures in restorative surgery is reconstructive breast surgery to reduce the effects of breast cancer. This intervention takes place after the removal of the tumour in order to improve the appearance of the breast, always according to the particularities of each case. Dr Jose Luis Martínez Rivas works very closely with the gynaecologist or surgeon to ensure that the patient obtains the best results, as well as a speedy and safe recovery.

In addition to restorative breast surgery, other types of interventions are performed to reconstruct parts of the body affected by tumours, involving removal of tumours and immediate reparation of the same.