Dr. José Luis Martínez Rivas

Dr José Luis Martínez Rivas (member #14428 of the Barcelona Medical Association) has over 25 years of experience as a doctor specialized in plastic, cosmetic and restorative surgery. He obtained his medical degree at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and completed his specialization at Bellvitge University Hospital. As a professional, he has worked in Barcelona at Sagrada Família Clinic, which he helped to found, and at CIMA Sanitas Hospital.

From the very first visit, Dr Jose Luis Martínez Rivas and his team establish a direct, personalized relationship with patients. They study and evaluate each case, advise patients on the most appropriate surgical procedures and perform a personalized follow-up after each intervention. The goal is to ensure that patients obtain the best possible results and see their expectations fulfilled. Dr Jose Luis Martínez Rivas makes aesthetic surgery accessible to everyone, while maintaining a high standard of quality and serving as a point of reference in the sector.


Professional career

  • Obtained a degree in Medicine and Surgery at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
  • Specialized in Plastic, Aesthetic and Restorative Surgery (MIR program) at Bellvitge University Hospital.
  • Resident medical intern at the Plastic Surgery and Burn Unit at Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, with exclusive dedication to the burn centre.
  • Founder of Sagrada Família Clinic, where he currently serves as a plastic surgeon.
  • Attending plastic surgeon at the Plastic and Restorative Surgery Service of the Dexeus University Institute in Barcelona.
  • Former plastic surgery consultant at the Hospital de Barcelona for SCIAS.
  • Plastic surgeon at CIMA Hospital Barcelona
  • Participant in multiple national and international training courses, symposiums and congresses in the speciality of Plastic, Aesthetic and Restorative Surgery.


Teaching activity

  • Doctorate Professor in Medicine at the University of Barcelona.
  • Professor of “Internships in Experimental Microsurgery” at the Experimental Research Unit of Bellvitge University Hospital, conducting research projects in experimental vascular nervous microsurgery and developing a renal transplant protocol in rats.


Membership in professional associations

  • Full member of the Spanish Society for Plastic, Aesthetic and Restorative Surgery.
  • Full member of the Catalan Society for Plastic, Aesthetic and Restorative Surgery.
  • Full member of the Academy of Medical and Health Science of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.